Fields of expertise: Legal/Law, Technical, Engineering/Mechanical, Advertising, Games, Leisure/Sports/Tourism, Marketing, Websites, Arts/Literature, Environment, Fashion/Textile/Clothing, IT/Telecommunications.

For specific professional references in the respective fields, please drop me a line!

Portfolio: Upon request

Some examples of my work for your reference pleasure...

When working on a translation, my first objective is always to percisely capture the style and sense of the original textmaterial, and then to find a proper, creative and stylistically flawless equivalent in German. I consider it to be one of my strengths to craft very high quality German content, be it in the translation process or in copy writing.

Pricing translation: Depending on the complexity of the material 0.07 - 0.12 € (+19% VAT) per word. I´m happy to give you an estimation!

Pricing content writing: Due to the very nature of creative writing, the pricing is strongly connected to the targeted topic. Again, please get in touch!

Selected clients (direct or via agency):

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