About me

I came to work as a translator and content writer pretty late, but I believe in change and adaptation, as long as the general pursue is driven by passion. That being said, my professional record includes working as an architect, musician, and lately as a lead 3d character animator for a major games company. Throughout the years of my education and professional work, the English language has always been a welcomed companion and necessity. Starting learning English in school from 5th grade on, I´m proud to say, that I´m exposed to it for over 30 years now. Recently I took on a new challange due to my love for the country, and that is learning the european Portuguese language, for which I started to offer translation services as well.


Name: Felix Wiesner

Nationality: German

Education: Architectural Studies at the Technical Unversity of Braunschweig, Germany 1994-2000


- German (native)

- English (expert)

- Portuguese (european)

- Low-German (Plattdeutsch)


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